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Alcatel-Lucent sees the task in making life richer and more various by radical restructuring of processes of exchange an information.
The company, which from the moment of the creation possessed exclusive opportunities for creation of complex communication decisions, set as the purpose development of relationship with customers and enrichment of life experience of users by means of new communication opportunities.

The ASUS company, numbering more than ten thousand employees and high quality developers worldwide, is widely known thanks to the innovative technologies and high quality of products. The ASUS company – the leader of a new digital era, offering a full range of the most modern and hi-tech products.

BriefCam – is a developer and supplier of fast viewing and the analyze of materials of surveillance cameras with by means of Video Synopsis, innovation technologies of image processing. Video Synopsis for the first time makes it possible complete overview of video recorder and  makes watching the day's events in an integral part of the usual order of safety.

Canon Europe - a subsidiary company of Canon Inc. of Japan, which is the world's leading innovator and provider of solutions for work with images. More than 50 years contributed innovative technologies to customers in Europe. Clients of the company use all the advantages of consumer and professional products for working with images in particular the leading revolutionary camera equipment, printers, scanners and binoculars, as well as an improved line of digital compact and SLR cameras.

Cisco – the world leader in the field of the network technologies changing ways of human communic

The CONTEG company is one of the largest producers of telecommunication cases and decisions for Data-Processing center in the region of EMEA(Europe, the Middle East and Africa). The portfolio of our production includes telecommunication and communication cases, complex decisions for the Data-Processing center (DPC). including systems of precision conditioning, intelligent blocks of power supply distribution, monitoring system and organization system of cable conducting.

One of the leaders in suppluing high-technologies solutions for the IT-industry, from personal computers to converged infrastructures.

Fujitsu company – is a leading japanese company of the market of the information and communication technologies (ICT), offering a full range of technologies, solutions and services. Over 170000 employees Fujitsu service customers more than 100 countries of the world.

Hitachi Ltd. Company is a parent company for all subdivisions and firms entering into financial and industrial Hitachi Group. Headquarters Hitachi Ltd. Located in the capital of Japan Tokyo.


HP is the company from the sphere of high technologies working in more than 170 countries of the world. We work on understanding how technologies and services help to solve originating problems to reach desirable results and to realize opportunities and dreams.

Innovative international technological company, formed as a result of the acquisition by the Lenovo Group of subdivision of personal computing systems and x86 servers, IBM corporation. Lenovo is one of the leading world companies of personal technologies, produces innovative PCs and mobile Internet device. Company from the list of Fortune 500, Lenovo is the largest global manufacturer of the PC and the fourth the largest the smartphone company in the world.

The Microsoft corporation founded in 1975 is the recognized world leader in production of the software, rendering of services and development of internet technologies for personal computers and servers.

NVIDIA, founded in 1993, actively cultivators to satisfy needs of users and to give the necessary form to development of the industry. Head office is located in Santa Clara, California.

Oracle offers optimized and completely integrated complex of hardware and software business management system. Oracle has more than 390 000 customers, including 100 from the list of Fortune 100, experience of deployment in the most different industries in more than 145 countries in the world.
Oracle develops hardware and software for use in the cloud and in your data center for both service and storage systems, for database and middleware.

PANDUIT – is a world leader in development and manufactures of communications, offering a complete solution for providing demands contemporary consumers. SCS PAN-NET – is high-productivity solutions with an inventory for the future. Its components are constructed taking into account requirements of the most advanced applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP), Power over Ethernet (PoE), and also last requirements for reliability and safety. 

Silentium Ltd. – Israeli high-tech company, specializing in the development and implementation of solutions for reducing acoustics noise and noise reduction.

XEROX company – is a leading manufacturer of a digital printing equipment: from devices for personal users to high-tech devices for professional printing. 

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The company "Valtek" - one of the leading system integrators in information technology market of Ukraine. The complex of our services is a complete cycle, from consulting and design of IT infrastructure facilities, and ending with the introduction of "turnkey" projects in IT.


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