BriefCam – is a developer and supplier of fast viewing and the analyze of materials of surveillance cameras with by means of Video Synopsis, innovation technologies of image processing. Video Synopsis for the first time makes it possible complete overview of video recorder and  makes watching the day's events in an integral part of the usual order of safety.

BriefCam responds to the existing worldwide unmet demand in the field of viewing video records, rapid detection of significant events and also their investigation and taking measures. Video Synopsis technology of BriefCam firm replaces an ineffective and expensive method of manual viewing of video recorder “fast forward”. BriefCam organizes day events in the oblate report, which allows to user to view hours-long video records in a minutes.

There are no products in the market, comparable with Video Synopsis, as it is not an analytical product. Unlike automated surveillance, BriefCam it is intended for such situations when the human factor is extremely important as it relies on experience and an instinct of the operator viewing video records.

Recently the BriefCam company got an award ASIS Accolades 2011 in the field of observation. In 2010 BriefCam company got an award of a Wall Street Journal for innovation technologies in the field of physical security, an IFSEC award in the sphere of safety for the best CCTV system, an award of the International Association of Police Chiefs (IACP) for innovations in the sphere of observation, and also became the finalist of the European Global Security Challenge. BriefCam became the finalist of Security Excellence Award 2010, in 2009 it was included into the list of 30 best innovations according to Security Sales & Integration magazine and into the list of 10 best innovations according to Stadia log, and also entered the list of 100 best European companies Red Herring and the list of 25 best European creative companies CNBC. In March, 2011 BriefCam was called by the partner of 2010 year on development of system solutions by the Milestone Systems company.

BriefCam – is a private Israeli company with branch in the USA, BriefCam Inc.