Canon Europe - a subsidiary company of Canon Inc. of Japan, which is the world's leading innovator and provider of solutions for work with images. More than 50 years contributed innovative technologies to customers in Europe.

Our clients use all the advantages of consumer and professional products for working with images in particular the leading revolutionary camera equipment, printers, scanners and binoculars, as well as an improved line of digital compact and SLR cameras. In addition, our Business Solutions offer a wide range of printing solutions and document management for small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations and governments.

Moreover the subdivision of industrial products expands the scope of the company, offering solutions to meet the requirements of versatile markets such as: medical equipment, optical products, TV broadcasting and international information technology.

After the official sponsorship of sports events (such as the UEFA Super Cup ™ and the African Cup of Nations) and activity of the Environmental Protection (in particular for the International Fund for Nature), Canon expresses its enthusiasm powerful features of the image and dedication of the Japanese corporate philosophy of "Kyosei", which means "live and work together for the common good".