Cisco – the world leader in the field of the network technologies changing ways of human communications, connections and collaboration. Activity of the company is concentrated on five main technological directories:

- routing, switching and safety;
- decisions for collaboration;
- virtualization of data-processing centers and cloud computing;
- video technologies;
- architecture for business transformation.

Net sale of the company in 2012 financial year made 46,1 billion dollars of the USA.

The company was founded in December, 1984 by two employees of Stanford University. Headquarters­ Cisco are located in the cities of San Jose (California), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Bangalore (India), the total number of employees makes 65 223 people. The representation of Cisco in Ukraine was open in 1998.

The company passed audit of a control system of quality (QMS – Quality Management System) on compliance to the Ukrainian legislation, that allowed to receive serial certificates of system conformity of UkrSEPRO on the imported equipment Cisco.

Also the company carried out expertize of solutions of Cisco regarding technical and cryptographic information security of GSSSZI and received more than 20 expert opinions on the products.

Cisco strives to promote technological development of the country as much as possible.

Solutions of Cisco are used in primary branches of the Ukrainian economy: in the sphere of telecommunication services, in mechanical engineering, the metallurgical and oil and gas industry, in construction and real estate, retail trade, banks, investment and insurance companies.