Hitachi Ltd. Company is a parent company for all subdivisions and firms entering into financial and industrial Hitachi Group. Headquarters Hitachi Ltd. Located in the capital of Japan Tokio.Having begun the activity at the beginning of XX century with production of a small bash of the Japanese first electric motors, Hitachi company became one of the leading global manufacturers of the equipment in the field of information technologies. The cumulative annual sales volume of the company makes over 8,416 billion yen.Hitachi does business in most different areas, from social infrastructure to electric household, materials, logistics and services. In a full consent with a corporate motto “Inspire the Next”, Hitachi  always inhale new life during the future era, aspire to become the strong company, continuing the growth in XXI century and permanently aiming in creation of the convenient and prospering society.The company develops and makes over 20 000 names of products, including computers, semiconductors, household appliances,force and industrial equipment, information systems and development in the field of modern materials.Hitachi locates staff over 300 000 people, controls 1047 subsidiaries, from which 312 are located abroad.

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) corporation – the world leader in the field of solutions on data storage.
The main directions of development IT company in virtualization, automation, support of cloud computing for all data types. Hitachi Data Systems proposes the solutions allowing to reduce costs of infrastructure of IT and to make it more flexible for business.
Throughout all history Hitachi Data Systems company, saved line items of the technological leader in production of data storage of high and average level. Hitachi Data System production deservedly considered the most reliable and productive on the market, that is confirmed by a huge number of customers worldwide which is permanently grows. The main efforts of the Hitachi Data Systems company are directed on continual development of new technologies, improving of the existing systems, increase of their productivity, reliability and stability.
Being the highly specialized company, Hitachi Data Systems has the two lines of storage systems of data on the basis of which the decisions intended for provision of block access, file access (HNAS), storage of the fixed content (HCP), backup and restoration (VTL) are built in the portfolio.
Decisions, products and the services Hitachi Data Systems enjoy credible the largest companies of the world, in particular, over 70% of the firms entering the list of 100 largest corporations of the USA, and 80% of the firms entering the list of 100 largest world corporations of  the “Fortune” magazine.