Lenovo is one of the leading world companies of personal technologies, produces innovative PCs and mobile Internet device. Company from the list of Fortune 500, Lenovo is the largest global manufacturer of the PC and the fourth the largest the smartphone company in the world.

Currently Lenovo company is the personal technology company worth $ 47 billion US with more than 57,000 employees (including joint ventures) in more than 60 countries and serves customers in more than 160 countries. Lenovo company is registered as a corporation and has a headquarter in Hong Kong, as well as operational centers, which are located over the world – the largest of them in Beijing and Morrisville.

Lenovo company confirms its rapid growth in the field of personal technologies with acquisition of Motorola Mobility in July 2014. Thanks to this, Lenovo becomes not only the third largest company in the world in the smartphone market, but also strengthens its leading positions in the field of innovations.

Lenovo actively develops globally, being fixed on each market, investing not only on sales or distribution, and also in local production, R&D and other functions. Global uniqueness allows to establish new type of the company - "global and local" company - and to position it so that to protect positions and to come to new levels, laying the foundation for long-term success.