The Microsoft corporation founded in 1975 is the recognized world leader in production of the software, rendering of services and development of internet technologies for personal computers and servers. The corporation offers a wide range of software products of business and personal assignment which use considerably increases efficiency of work and gives the chance to apply the latest developments of information technologies on operation, at home and during study.
The Microsoft corporation aims to realize as much as possible opportunities which open information technologies before the person. The concept "the computer on each desktop and to each house" is added by the new concept now - Microsoft .NET which displays aspiration of corporation to provide the latest internet technologies and Internet services and to expand possibilities of the person due to use of the modern software at any time, in any place and on any device.
Products of Microsoft corporation are on sale more than in 50 countries of the world, the interface of the user is provided more than 30 languages. Products are compatible almost to all platforms of personal computers.
Today the license software Microsoft is used on hundreds of thousands of workplaces in the CIS countries. Based on products of corporation projects from implementation of powerful information systems in the greatest local companies and the state organizations are carried out.
Since 2003 in Ukraine the Microsoft Ukraine company to which jobs enter development of the software market, and also localization and implementation of the latest technologies in the territory of Ukraine works.
During activities in the computer market of Ukraine by the corporation created a wide network of Microsoft partners which provide an operational and qualitative onsite assistance. The regular seminars, conferences, technical trainings (both for customers, and for partners) are held on which detail information of rather new products and technologies Microsoft, plans and campaigns is provided to all participants.