NVIDIA, founded in 1993, actively cultivators to satisfy needs of users and to give the necessary form to development of the industry. Beginning with PC graphic, we passed to create professional solutions, to become the leader in the field of visual computing. Later we used GPU possibilities with parallel computing for development of high-performance computing. Recent transition to work with mobile devices allowed us to get to the center of one of most actively developed segments of our market. With invention of virtual GPU, we accelerate cloud computing for users and enterprises.

  • Head office is located in Santa Clara, California;
  • Since 1999 NASDAQ in list under NVDA character;
  • In 1999 GPU invented on a present day
  • 8000 employees worldwide;
  • $4,2 billion revenue in 2013 fiscal year;
  • 5000 registered and allowed for patent use;
  • Every film, nominated to Oscar in the category “Best visual effects” for the last for year was created with using NVIDIA technologies;
  • Medical researches  with Laboratory informatics, robotics and microelectronics uses Tesla GPU, to “virtually” to stop fragile heart allowing surgeons to operate patients without heart failure using hand-controlled robot, movement is predictable and configured;
  • NVIDIA GPU will form in the basis of radio broadcast and clusters of digital instruments in more than 100 cars, including models Tesla Motors, Audi, Lamborghini, Mini, Rolls Royce and VW;
  • Tegra 4 – is the fastest quad-core mobile processor in the world;
  • In November 2012 in list of supercomputer Top500 50 system provided power graphic processor NVIDIA, including the fastest supercomputer in the world;
  • NVIDIA Company took the 6th place in list of “The greenest company” 2012 version of Newsweek.