Video conferencing system in Crimea


ValTek company implemented video conferencing system in the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic Crimea.

28th August 2012 in the Council of Ministers of Crimea held the first meeting with the heads of cities and regions in a video conference.

Video conferencing system of the Council of Ministers of the AR Crimea:

  • Connects the center and 25 state administrators and executive committees in 20 cities of the AR Crimea
  • Allows for both group meetings and conferences, as well as operational video between the centers and the specific public institutions, and also video calls between two different institutions involved in system, on a “point to point”.
  • Provides a “permanent presence” of all conferees with support of high resolution to 1080p (30 frames per second).
  • Provides an opportunity of conferees using of dedicated for video conference IP channels for Internet access, e-business turnover and other.