Rules of guarantee maintenance

We want to make guarantee maintenance the most convenient, correct and comfortable for you that's why we ask you to pay attention to a number of rules and conditions of performance of guarantee works:

  • We ask to transfer us your device which demands repair, in original packing or properly packed. We cannot guarantee preservation of appearance of your device if it was transferred to us for Guarantee maintenance in packing not suitable for carrying, transportation, storage or without it.
  • According to the law of Ukraine "About consumer protection", for implementation of warranty repair it is necessary to have with itself and to show at registration at us "technical data sheet or other document which replaces it, with a mark about date of sale".
  • We also pay your attention to need of observance of service regulations of product / goods which are described in the maintenance instruction or in the document, it replacing. Violation of service conditions can lead to refusal in warranty repair, and change the status of repair on not guarantee, . with payment of cost of the replaced spare parts and works of the qualified engineer.
  • If you independently established the additional components which are not provided to independent installation by the producer and when the established components are not recommended by the producer (for example, hard drives, memory modules, etc.) to you can be refused guarantee maintenance.
  • We do not bear responsibility as for operability of the software which the device was completed (preset software), and that software which was established by you independently, of course excepting cases if it was provided by our additional obligations.
  • We ask you in advance, it is desirable before visit to us, to take care of safety of personal information.
  • We consider as date of completion of works date when the staff of our center, reports to you about completion of repair, any convenient for you (and in advance stipulated) in the way.
  • If you lost the receipt, we ask you, in order to avoid misunderstanding, as soon as possible to inform us on it.

About us

The company "Valtek" - one of the leading system integrators in information technology market of Ukraine. The complex of our services is a complete cycle, from consulting and design of IT infrastructure facilities, and ending with the introduction of "turnkey" projects in IT.


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