27 May 2015

Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle Human Capital Management - full, integrated package for the complex talent management enterprise, in which included a great number of unique solutions for industry.
Solution Oracle Human Capital Management supplied with completely integrated business intelligence and meets the regulatory requirements and the security requirements for deployment on the customer's choice.

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27 May 2015

Microsoft Office 365 for everyone

Thanks to a subscription to Office 365 services in ValTek introduced a flexible and low-budget IT infrastructure, based on the easy integration of cloud technologies and standard office applications. Elapsed since the beginning of operation of the cloud solution time has shown the correctness of the choice made. During the 4 months of work there was no inactivity in the provision of the services, despite the fact that the quality and functionality of services completely covers the needs of the enterprise.

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27 May 2015

Cloud technologies. Advantages and disadvantages.

From the point of view of the customer, thank to combining resources and intermittent nature of consumption by consumers, cloud computing allow to economies on scale, using less hardware resources than would be required if the allocated hardware capacity for each consumer and due to the automation of procedures for modifying the resource allocation significantly reduces the cost of subscription services. From the point of view of the consumer, these characteristics allow to obtain services with high availability and low risk of failure, to ensure rapid scaling of the computing system without the need to create, maintain, and upgrade their own hardware infrastructure.

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27 May 2015

How to start a campaign in Microsoft Azure. Cloud office infrastructure.

Project «Cloud office infrastructure» is one of the areas of the business of ValTek. We design and create a private or hybrid of any complexity, using as your existing computing resources and cloud resources, Microsoft Azure, managed including using Microsoft System Center.

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The company "Valtek" - one of the leading system integrators in information technology market of Ukraine. The complex of our services is a complete cycle, from consulting and design of IT infrastructure facilities, and ending with the introduction of "turnkey" projects in IT.


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