Microsoft Office 365 for everyone

We think that many people would agree that the organization of the postal system is one of the most important constituent elements of the successful functioning and development of the modern office, regardless of the scope of activities of the companies.

For most companies, the support and development of server maintenance e-mail are one of the main tasks and challenges of the IT department. Unstable and not able to keep up with the needs of business development e-mail system is the main "brake" and even able to destroy the business itself.

The main problems that have to solve the IT department:

  • problems with the limited storage capacity
  • restoration of the integrity of mailboxes
  • restore accidentally deleted mailboxes or messages
  • failure of the entire server
  • secure remote access to e-mail

The second component of a successful and modern company - is an effective sharing and editing of documents. The second component of a successful and modern company - is an effective sharing and editing of documents. So happened historically on our Ukrainian market, that this task is no one stood out as individual and did not even try to solve it. Entire workflow in the best case was carried out in e-mail and file service.

As a rule, the whole office infrastructure is a complex mix of various "iron" and software from different vendors. Keep all this complex in condition that would comply with all requirements of a growing business is no easy task. Here, the expansion of the cadre of technical personnel, and additional investments in fault tolerance and as a result, - increase in the cost of ownership.

About the convenience work of employees and the effectiveness of using work time written books. But who reads them...

With approximately the same problems faced our company:


The company inherited the park across dissimilar hardware of IT infrastructure that does not meet the new requirements of the company in need of modernization. The company has several offices in different locations. In addition, the company's operations assumes active use of technology of mobile access to the corporate resources at any time and from any location.


Because of own needs analysis and thorough market research software designed to create a unified communications environment, the company management decided to implement Microsoft Office 365. Solution to all problems was the implementation in the company Office 365.

What is the Office 365 of Microsoft?

Office 365 - it is the same familiar Office, which is used by most companies and users every day, but much better. Office 365 works based on cloud infrastructure. This allows any employee to use their files and applications, whatever he went, and use any devices - PCs, Mac and tablets. On any of these devices, you will always have access to the latest versions of the documents. Updated versions of the Office programs occurs automatically.

What is Office 365 includes?


  • Full-featured applications Office (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft OneNote) for installation on 5 PCs or Mac.
  • E-mail business class (Exchange Online + Outlook) – shared calendars, 50Gb of disc space for each user and the ability to use your own domain name. Easy integration with existing IT infrastructure and AD.
  • SharePoint.Online - website development for publishing and discussion of the documents with colleagues, customers and partners..
    • Public website with the domain of your company.
    • Websites of working groups with tracking versions of the document and differentiation of access rights.
    • Websites for collaborating on documents with customers and partners (connection of up to 50 external users includes in the based price).
    • Co-editing of documents Microsoft, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote

Storage and file sharing

  • OneDrive for business provides to each user 1 TB of personnel resources for storage. Easy file sharing within the organization and outside it. Simple permission management.

Web-conferences, the presence information and instant massages exchange.

  • Ability to carry out web-meetings with using HD video conferences. Screen sharing and instant messaging exchange. You can share the presence information, instant messaging exchange, and carry out audio calls to users «Skype for Business».

Built-in security system

When considering of any decision, the question the security arises even earlier than the question «How much does it cost?»

Especially in our country. Yes, it is clear. We live in difficult time

  • Thanks to the built-in security system and means of ensuring, the privacy of your personal data is always protected. Security certification and security management ISO 27001, ISO/IEC27002, and also comprehensive agreement on data protection (DPA), developed specifically for customers in the EU, which contains recommendations for the protection of privacy adopted in different countries, and it is offered to all customers regardless of their geographical location and size.
    • Data is stored in data centers in Europe or North America. Physical access to the data is possible. The protection is carried out independent security companies. Maintenance staff is under constant video surveillance. At the request of controlling authorities, data access may be provided only by the decision of the US Court.
    • Security the information from damage. Each data unit is stored in triplicate on different physical media. For each user selects its own logical volume.
    • Data stored and transmitted in encrypted form
    • Data access is possible only after authorization. Apply The rules of using only resistant to cracking passwords.
    • Continuity of the services according to SLA (Service Level Agreement) - 99,9% This rate is guaranteed by Microsoft and financially secured. Statistics on the implementation level of fault tolerance can be viewed on public resources «Security Management Center Office 365»

Thanks to a subscription to Office 365 services in the company LLC ValTek company introduced a flexible and low-budget IT infrastructure, based on the easy integration of cloud technologies and standard office applications. Elapsed since the beginning of operation of the cloud solution time has shown the correctness of the choice made. During the 4 months of work there was no inactivity in the provision of the services, despite the fact that the quality and functionality of services completely covers the needs of the enterprise.

We implemented Office 365 for ourselves and will do it for You!