How to start a campaign in Microsoft Azure. Cloud office infrastructure.

Cloud office infrastructure

Certainly, many of the business owners have repeatedly asked questions:

  • «Is it possible to reduce the cost of IT maintenance?»
  • «What IT infrastructure is the most optimal and will meet the needs of of business using 1,3,5 years?»
  • How secure is the data stored

Such strategic planning anyway any businessman is working and somehow solves at different stages of development their company.

In the IT industry, there is a whole area that deals with security issues. In large organizations, banks, There is a department or even a full-time unit of specialist IT security. In this case I'm talking only about the IT security since everything else (security locks, access control, etc.) is also important, but it's a separate issue relating to IT is very indirectly. Small and medium business, and if this aspect focuses some attention, then usually all it has to decide for itself a business owner or manager.

  • Are you aware of the term "mask show"?
  • Did you ever have a situation where your ADMIN say? :
  • «because of the server failure, the database will be restored 1 hour or more»
  • «server is broken, and spare parts will be only tomorrow»

Project Cloud office infrastructure is one of the business areas of ValTek

Following the trends of the IT industry and immutable principle - most effectively meet the demands of our partners and potential clients, we have developed and offer scenarios for the introduction as migration of existing infrastructure or parts of it to the cloud, and the creation of "from scratch" all the necessary server and network infrastructure (premises and cloud).

The ValTek company offer you a comprehensive service, which can be compared to renting an office in a good business center. It has everything - Internet, telephone, air conditioning, heating, working toilets and inexpensive buffet, regularly cleaned the room and all under reliable protection.

you do not need to even think about how it is organized, and the rental price is so attractive that the issue of buying or renting a separate office - no longer automatically.

I can assure you that our offer is so flexible and versatile that you will not have any questions, problems or business problems that we can not decide for you the most optimal (price / performance) way.

We offer to our customers a comprehensive solution that includes all necessary software packages and, if necessary, the equipment to work with them. In addition, as a service, you receive technical support and updates centrally. According to the principle - All Inclusive (everything included)

I would name this concept "Office as a Service" (OaaS), by analogy as called cloud services.
If you start cooperation with our company, you will no longer need the contents of a large staff of highly skilled IT professionals or the need for the system administrator.

In addition, as will be discussed further, it eliminates the need to plan and to make serious capital cost of equipment and server infrastructure.

Let's talk about the main advantage .

  • You, your employees and regional offices will always be able to connect to any of the resources of the office IT infrastructure (database, mail, personal and general documents) in compliance with all established safety rules, from any place where there is Internet.
  • the inclusion of any employee in the office environment occurs almost automatically, since the work is carried out on the leased resources, and no matter where you use them
  • unification into a unified system of geographically distributed offices of the company.
  • The guaranteed level of service and accessibility (health) prescribed in the service agreement is 99.9%, which is less than 1 minute per week. That is, the possible lack of services actually goes unnoticed.
  • The use of a permanent backup and snapshot ensures uninterrupted operation with a guaranteed recovery time performance.
  • The number of days during which the stored backups and snapshot recording rate is adjusted.
  • The computing resources are easily scaled and managed. (Control is possible even with your personal mobile phone)
  • You can set up automatic shutdown after business hours on weekends and public holidays, for the duration of the holidays and do not pay for the service, etc.
  • In the days of peak loads, such as reporting, you can increase server performance.
  • The speed reaction to any change request of parameters almost instantaneous - from several minutes to an hour. And this is without any interruptions to access applications and databases.
  • Resources can control or your IT staff or our qualified engineers.
  • You do not need a long time to "break down" over how much computing resources and will need to take care of the purchase of equipment for possible growth, as the number of employees and the volume of processed information.
  • Flexible tariff plans with prepaid monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or a year in advance.
  • The first month of operation - free of charge.

If you have several offices that have to work with a single resource (database, mail, documents, etc..), no matter where they are located geographically or geographically, where there is a connection to the Internet, our solution will provide job as if they were in adjacent rooms.

You get a complete mail service protected from spam of any kind, any type of threat of hacking, etc. All correspondence is stored in the cloud and data centers are protected and comply with the highest standards of safety.

If necessary, the server at any time, can be switched off, change passwords, and no one will ever be able to access the information without your consent. All of this applies to files, email and databases 1C, websites, online shops and other IT resources.

With regard to, for example, the license server Microsoft, - then you no longer need. (no WIN2012R2 SRV, no SQL SRV, no Exchange..)

Existing licenses to 1C will be used for cloud versions. In addition, the staff of the company, which provides support for 1C will no longer need to come to your office. To them it can be arranged separate connection to perform service support.

Are you familiar with the expression - "No commercial information on the computers of employees"?
In a simulation of the cloud assumed office settings such as all the documents users will be stored on disks connected cloud. To the user it looks like a normal network drive for public documents. You can use other options to work with the documents - such as Share Point. The same applies to personal folder with documents the user when the folder «: \ Users \ manager2 \ Documents»
stored on a network drive without a cloud caching to the local dusk of the PC.

The implementation of the office IT, applied to the problem could consist of the following elements

  • Backup
  • Cloud storage
  • Office 365 or MS Exchange in the cloud
  • 1C in the cloud

Safety is above all

When considering any decision, the question of safety arises even before the question, "How much does it cost?»
Especially in our country. Yes, it is understandable. In the difficult times we live.

Thanks to the integrated Microsoft Azure security and means to ensure the confidentiality of your data will always be protected. Certification of safety and security management ISO / IEC 27001/27002: 2013, as well as a comprehensive agreement on data protection (DPA), designed specifically for customers in the EU, which contains recommendations for the protection of confidentiality adopted in different countries, and it is available to all customers irrespective of their geographical location and size.

The data is stored in data centers of Europe or North America. The physical access to the data is possible.

The protection is carried out the independent security companies. Service personnel is under constant video surveillance. At the request regulatory authorities, access to the data may be granted only by the decision of the US Court.

  • The protection of the information from damage. Each block of data is stored in triplicate on different physical media. To each user is allocated its own logical volume.
  • The data is stored and transmitted in an encrypted form
  • Access data and resource management is possible only after login. Rules apply of using only resistant to cracking passwords and multilevel authentication

The continuity of services according to SLA (Service Level Agreement) - 99,9%. This rate guaranteed by Microsoft and financially secured. Statistics on the implementation level of fault tolerance can be found on public resources

All the computing resources and data itself are located in data centers in countries that have signed the European Convention for the protection of personal data and guarantee its safety.

Besides of conceptual approach that is presented in the safety of the data there are still at least six of the perimeters of the protection of data that are required for reliable data centers. (encryption key-based, anti-DDOS, anti-virus protection of virtual machines, etc.)

No matter how many of these services you will want to transfer into the cloud, the level of quality and the basic properties of cloud services that are listed above are not changed.

For example, let's consider in more detail some of the most relevant, in our view, solutions for small offices - the 1C Database and Cloud-based file server.

1C in the cloud

In addition to the above characteristics of the security, it is worth noting that the IT infrastructure is organized according to the principle, on the resources of Microsoft Azure, has the highest level of self-service.
At any time, on their own, without contacting service support

  • Enable / disable servers
  • Increase / decrease server performance (memory, number of cores)
  • add virtual machines to the cluster
  • Complete removal of data and servers. & ;

Payment for the use of resources

Payment for the use of is based on the principle - "Prepaid service"
The customer makes an advance payment according to the signed contract for 6 or 12 months. The amount is calculated according to the calculator Azure resource , depending on the task.

With regard to the task of building DB server of 1C, payment for the use of per minute calculated. Thus it is possible to save means, for example, shut down the server for the night or weekend.
For the month, with the balance of the customer will be charged exactly the amount that HE used.

To conserve resources, you can

  • enable / disable servers (fee is not charged)
  • Decrease / increase server capacity (the number of memory, number of CPU cores)
  • go to the more powerful or weak platform (for example, during the reporting)

All actions and changes of parameters of computing resources in detail are reflected in the monthly reports.
All unused funds are transferred in future periods

Budget comparison

For greater clarity we consider comparing the cost of ownership of the physical server located in the office and the cloud server

For example, consider a typical server is able to serve the organization with 20 users of the database


  • CPU - 1x Xeon E3-1220
  • Memory - 8GB
  • Disks - 2x500Gb SATA and 2 120GB SSD
  • PS -1 x 450W
  • Windows Server 2012R2 St + SQL SRV St

For comparison let's consider the table* (prices USD):

Physical server Cloud service
The cost of server and UPS from 1500 The cost of server 0
The cost of software (Winsor & SQL) ~1500 The cost of software 0
Energy costs
(N.W.*24*365*1,6813=6627 UTAH)
~300 Energy costs 0
Administrator salary(min200$*12) 2400 Administrator salary 0
The subscription fee 0 The subscription fee (200$*12) 2400
Additional costs 0 2-nd Internet channel (15$*12) 180
support in the year:
In total:


support in the year:
In total:


* amounts are approximate

The cost of such servers with software at the minimum, equal to ~ 3000 $.
If you have a "reliable" and competent system admistrator for $ 200 / month., Which is very unlikely, then your annual cost for maintenance of such server will still equal $ 2700. For a total of not less than 5700 $

The cloud server in Microsoft Azure, with parameters that are similar in performance, we suggest you set up and maintain, approximately - $ 2,500 per year.

What conclusion follows from the comparison?
It's very simple. Rent a cloud service with much greater protection and functionality commensurate with the costs incurred by the average organization only on the support and payment of expenses for electricity.

Therefore, to buy a server for the organization of accounting in the company is not necessarily.
Contact with the "ValTek" and we will customize your cloud IT infrastructure

And in conclusion I would like to mention the Microsoft statement about the constant monitoring of the competitive cost of services..

This means that the rates are not constant. As the trend of the last few years, the cost of using cloud services is constantly decreasing.

Cost resources Microsoft Azure, which are listed in this article were relevant in February 2015. Perhaps in self-comparison according to the calculator Microsoft Azure you will find very different prices that will pleasantly surprise you.

Nikolay Mostovenko