Data Centers (DC)

Data Centers (DС) — is a fault tolerant integrated centralized system for automation of business processes with a high level of performance and quality of the services provided.

DC appointment — guarantees enterprise information system’s work. Access, reliability, security and management levels can be set. The use of data center technology allows one to create enterprise back-up’s that can preserve maximum functionality of the information system in case of emergency.

Data Centers include:

  • highly reliable server equipment,
  • storage and data transmission systems,
  • software,
  • architectural and technical solutions,
  • provide engineering infrastructure,
  • physical protection of premises,
  • the complex institutional arrangements,
  • system monitoring and management.

The benefits of building DATA CENTERS:

  • improving the efficiency and reliability of computing resources,
  • providing fault-tolerant infrastructure services in the mode of 24 x 7 days a week x 365 days a year,
  • simple and transparent centralized administration,
  • cost reduction for utilities provision,
  • a high level of information system protection,
  • centralized management of DATA CENTER resources, and accounting,
  • control access to the DATA CENTER,
  • simple and easy scaling of computational resources.

The solution provides comprehensive security for data centers, which includes protection against the following risks:

  • hardware and software failure,
  • power failures,
  • fire and smoke,
  • unauthorized access, hacking, identity theft,
  • viruses,
  • flooding, severe temperature changes, dust,
  • partial destruction of the building,
  • electromagnetic radiation.

DATA CENTER design is based on the current business challenges, security requirements, customer preferences, the use of already existing equipment; and is embodied in the architectural and technical solutions of the project. This approach enables you to create secure heterogeneous data centers consisting of hardware and software from various manufacturers, including the inherited system of the customer.

The company's solutions ValTek in the field of data centers are invariant relative to producers of server hardware, storage and data transfer systems, and are based on the accumulated experience and technologies companies such as Cisco Systems, EMC, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel Networks, RAD, Sun Microsystems.