Server cases with active noise reduction - AcoustiRACK™ ASSET

Many small companies are probably faced with a problem of placing servers in the own or rented offices. In addition to security, this problem has so-called environmental dimension.
Noise – is a universal companion of a modern person. It tires, irritates, reduces out our working efficiency and is an additional factor that can be cause of stress.
However, such problem is solved. Active noise reduction system is applied in automotive industry for a long time. For example, some expensive cars are equipped, except a good noise isolation and active noise control isolation. The principle of operation such systems that the sound system with the same range, as a noise, is supplied to the internal volume system of the noise only with antiphase. As a result, sound waves are superimposed and so to say “destroy each other”.
ValTek company is an exclusive representative and solution provider of Israeli Sillentium company, which specialized on development and manufacture systems of noise reduction.
One of the company’s product is AcoustiRACK™ cases, standard sized for the server and telecommunication equipment.
Now the question of searching of the office with a separate area for server’s placement, only for the reason that they are very noisy, is no longer relevant.
Having installed all servers and active network equipment in case «AcoustiRACK™ ACTIVE», you can place it in your modern office with free space design, at any convenient location. In this case you and your employees will hear only each other. No noise from the working servers no longer prevent the creative atmosphere and productivity of your employees.

Solution advantages AcoustiRACK ™

  • «Server room in case»
  • Allows to install any RACK equipment of the global leading manufacturers in the office
  • Saving on payment of floor space
  • Efficient use of office space
  • Easy secure access
  • Reduction noise equipment to 30dBA
  • Indoor minimal noise – about 40dBA
  • Active noise reduction technology

Also we can offer to our consumers other solutions which are supplied by Sillentium:
Active Structural Acoustic Control
Active Vibration Control
Active Noise Control
Detailed information about the product and solutions you can get by contacting with our customer project (, тел. 044 455-72-06,  Khmara Yurii).