Services for the design and installation of computer networks

ValTek offers services for modernization and installation of existing computer network, development, configuration and Implementation of the enterprise network and telecommunication systems of any complexity from solutions for small companies to projects of the scale of the medium-sized cities.

Setting up and implementation:

  • Network solutions LAN / WAN / Campus;
  • Solutions telephony;
  • Videoconferencing systems;
  • Information security network system;
  • Wireless networks;
  • Systems management network;
  • Network subsystems of Data Centers;

Service implementation of network and telecommunication systems may include modernization, optimization and also linear extension of already implemented projects, creating or upgrading of wireless networks.

Modernization. Allows improving existing systems in accordance with new standards by adding new features that become available after software upgrading, restructuring of logic of the network functioning, replacement equipment (including modernization or replacement of data channels).

Optimization. Allows increasing the performance of the existing system using reconfigure software or reconfiguration of network nodes.

Linear extension. Allows to large geographically distributed organizations to develop effectively corporate network and telecommunication systems of the branches enterprise considering the ideology of all network infrastructure.

Wireless computer networks. Allow creating a computing network, completely meets the standards for ordinary computer networks, without using of cabling with using Wi-Fi technology.