Integrated security system. Review of solutions.

Video surveillance, security and fire security systems and access control systems are the most widespread means of ensuring of technical safety on objects. Currently on the market of security systems offers a huge choice of the equipment and software for solving these problems. Sometimes it is very difficult to navigate in a variety of equipment and turnkey solutions.
Long-term operation with the equipment and systems of different manufacturers allows us to offer to our customers the optimum solutions from the leaders of the branch market.

Within this direction of creation of technical security systems ValTek company offers a comprehensive approach to the creation of an effective security system, taking into account purposes, specifics and needs of the individual Client's business.

The basic set of the subsystems included in the integrated security system can be represented as follows:

  • The fire alarm system;
  • Access control and management system
  • Video surveillance system;
  • Management system engineering communications of buildings and structures (lifts, ventilation, conditioning, and so on.).

The structure of each particular integrated security system can be changed - to be complemented by some new subsystems, or on the contrary to exclude them from the general list. It depends on the specific tasks defined at a design stage of system.

Security systems, developed and implemented by our company, are successfully operated by a number of the large industrial enterprises and companies, banks, casinos and the municipality of the city.

The basis of a security system is video surveillance. ValTek company has extensive experience and qualified specialists who can create complex video surveillance systems of any complexity:

  • Video surveillance for shopping and entertainment centers and supermarkets – installation of system allows reducing theft, to control work of staff and cash operations, allows to increase safety of object in general.
  • Video surveillance for stadiums and sport facilities – video surveillance system allows to control the situation at the moment of carrying out mass events (games, competitions), increases the level of safety of staff and visitors.
  • Video surveillance for offices and banks – in this sphere safety is an important element. To see and control employees and customers, to watch entrances to the apartment- are the main tasks of the system. For such solutions used by the most high-tech products, also they are often integrated with systems of security and fire security.
  • Video surveillance for industrial enterprises and warehouse premises -for control of workflow and increasing working capacity of employees on such objects most frequently are set the simple video surveillance systems with inexpensive cameras and remote viewing over the Internet. You will be able to watch your office from anywhere in the world.
  • Video surveillance for municipal institutions – the system are intended for increase of level of public safety and law and order, countering terrorist threats, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement at the expense of timely obtaining sensitive data about the operational situation in the city.