Queue management systems

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27 May 2015

What is «Queue management system»?

Queue Management System — software and hardware to optimize the management of intensive flow of visitors, combining all the necessary functions and provides many opportunities to contribute to easy control and coordination processes of customer service.

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10 Sep 2015

Project «Queue management system»

ValTek offers services for installation of the Queue management systems. We have extensive experience in manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the Queue management system. Mid 2015 ValTek has supplied installed and commissioned nearly 200 Queue management system in various trim levels. Currently we offer two options of basic sets, and also any modifications on their basis. We can produce in the shortest terms, supply the customer, to carry out the installation and commissioning of the Queue management system.

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The company "Valtek" - one of the leading system integrators in information technology market of Ukraine. The complex of our services is a complete cycle, from consulting and design of IT infrastructure facilities, and ending with the introduction of "turnkey" projects in IT.


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