Organization of video conferencing system

ValTek offers development and implementation of high-quality video conferencing systems in Kiev and all over Ukraine.

Video conferencing systems - are:

  • Reducing the cost of business trip of employees
  • Improving of productivity and efficiency
  • Speeding up the process of decision-making
  • Fast and qualitative training of employees

Benefits of the implementation of video conferencing systems:

  • daily video conferencing with regional offices all over the country
  • increased access to the information
  • reduction of time spent by staff on traveling
  • ability to participate in unplanned meetings and online conferences;
  • rapid exchange of relevant information;
  • remote training for staff;
  • holding on-demand meetings
  • ability to communicate without leaving the office.

We offer equipment for videoconferencing systems and services of creating and setting them up .

  • Audit of telecommunications infrastructure and, if necessary, can execute the modernization of internal networks and communications for high-quality video conferencing;.
  • Consultations on the selection the type of videoconferencing equipment.
  • Consultations on the equipment for video conferencing.
  • Selection videoconferencing equipment for complex and specific projects;
  • Designing of video conferencing systems.
  • Designing of video conferencing systems with integration systems of video broadcast, television technology and management, as well as existing network infrastructure;
  • Supply of equipment for video conferencing systems;.
  • Installation of video conferencing systems.
  • Creating of video conferencing systems on a turn-key basis.

The success of video conference (VCS) is the fact that in the process of communication of people to half of the total volume of information are facial expression and gestures of speakers. It is obvious that thus image quality of the interlocutor, quality of a sound and other nuances is very important.

There are some options of application of video conference communication. The first – video telecommunication, which is used when it is necessary to make a call to colleague worker, friends or home. Second – videoconferencing, or video selector (multi point video conference online). It can take the part of tens or even hundreds of participants from all over the world. Third – mobile solution (communicator). Even with the worst quality, you can participate in video phone call or in a meeting, sitting in the car, the airport, or the cottage. Thus you can use a special gadget or laptop with built-in USB camera and a microphone. The cost for creating of videoconferencing system consist of cost the cost of equipment, the cost of increasing the communication channel or increase of its quality, cost of re-equipment under use of videoconferencing system.

Video conference can be organized by using hardware and software, also available cloud services VCS:

  • hardware video conferencing systems, in which algorithm for video transmission are realized at the hardware level, that is obligatory component of video conference is responsible for coding and transfer of a video information in channel. As a rule, such videoconferencing systems are focused on the transmission of high-definition video (HD-video conference), which plays an important role when conducting important role when conducting important negotiation and conversations. For this reason, usually together with the codec also high-quality equipment for video conferences, such as professional camera, microphone and remote control. To display information can be used TVs, monitors, projectors, and premium systems in the equipment for video conferencing display has been offered with a built-in codec, thereby they have more esthetic and executive look.
  • software video conferencing systems, in which the codec is implemented on the software lever. That is there is a server and client software for video conferences which is installed on an existing or new servers and workstations. For capture and transmission video and audio as an equipment for video conferences you can use a wide range of cameras and microphones at the expanse which you can find solution, available budget for users with different level of requirements.
  • cloud services of video conferencing become more popular. Cloud systems of videoconferencing functionally completely replace the hardware infrastructure, do not require a one-time allocation of large budget for the purchase of equipment, reduce the requirements for technical support. We offer cloud solutions from Cisco and LifeSize.