The video conferencing system, connecting the center and 25 remote branches

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Project tasks:

  • to link the center and 26 remote branches;
  • to allow to carry out both group meetings and conferences, and operational video conference between the center and specific branches, and also video conference between two various branches, participating in system, according to the layout “point-to-point”;
  • ensure “continuous present” of all participants of video conference with support of high resolution up to 1080p (30 frames per second);
  • to provide an opportunity to the participants of the videoconferencing system to use allocated videoconferencing IP channels for Internet access, e-business turnover, etc. ;

Project execution:

We decided to execute this project based on the videoconferencing system of RADVISION company. We offered the following equipment:

  • the multi point conference server SCOPIA ELITE MCU 5230;
  • group SCOPIA XT4200 video terminal;
  • desktop videoconferencing of SCOPIA vc240 (video terminals on places);
  • the management server by ValTek (server management of a video conference);
  • routers CISCO 2911/K9.

The video system constructed on the basis of RADVISION equipment, ensures the highest quality and the advanced feature for the conference. Radvision systems provide a flexible architecture and allow you to configure the conferencing system communication in real time best suited for the task. The system is easily integrated into modern IP networks, provides full interrelation and interaction between all IP network devices. Thanks to the standardized protocols of video conference without problem it is possible to organize video conferences with video systems of third-party manufactures.

Features and basis functionality of the equipment:

Ultra-high resolution. Functions of processing high definition video in 1080p , multi-threaded remote presence, an unlimited number of conferences, personal output mode of a conclusion for each participant and a sound of AAC allow using SCOPIA Elite conferences in ultra-high resolution. Using the latest DSP technology will provide quality without compromises.

Flexible allocation of resources. The system is capable to realize easily and simply support of various terminals. The increased resolution at quadruple capacity provides incredible quality. Automatic dynamic allocation of resources on demand will provide support of any combination of final devices without modification of a configuration.

Optimized quality. Use of the certain encoder for each participant guarantees optimum quality for all videos terminals of network. Scalable video coding (SVC) of H.264 provides the highest productivity in unstable networks.

Maximum practicality. System SCOPIA Elite was designed by users and administrators. Special value was given to simplicity and a practicality of the decision. The data output on the screen, convenient tools for conferences and access via advanced video-attendant/IVR as much as possible will simplify participation in conferences. Industry-leading interface simplifies tasks difficult at first sight; users can instantly get access to important statistical data that will allow you to save efforts, time and money.

Implementation of the project:

The project is realized and introduced for creation videoconferencing System in the Crimea under the contract with the Administration of the Council of ministers AR of Crimea.